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D, Whos coming

D in the lakes


Rainbow Bridge

Polfry Blue Grape avec Janmark 5.4.2012



Better known as D.

D was bought as a pet & is special to us.

She has a very unusual character, a one off & has been an excellent mother, producing some lovely pups!

The only time D has been shown is at National Bedlington Terrier Club Open shows, in the working class, she won this trophy on 3 occassions.

D likes nothing more to get away from the other dogs in a quiet corner (on the sofa!) & sleep, only waking up when she decides she is A) Thirsty (in which case she will empty your cup of tea) or B. Hungry, when she will remind you it is supper time, give or take 5 minutes.


R.I.P our darling 'D'. At 10 years young onThursday 5th April 2012, 1410 hrs. Will be sadly missed!

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